Land and Property


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We recognise the challenges of developing in some parts of the Borough due to geological factors and former industrial uses. The Council has used a range of measures in the past to help remediate land and facilitate sites for successful commercial development. We work closely with land owners and developers to assemble sites in multiple titles. We appreciate land supply and lack of suitable premises can appear as barriers to growth. Walsall Council exercises its responsibility not only to offer assistance, but to share risk and offer creative approaches to development challenges.


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Business Friendly Planning

Alongside partners in the Local Enterprise Partnership (BC LEP), Walsall operates a business-friendly planning charter to make development as straight-forward as possible. The Planning and Development Charter and Action Plan ensures the approach to planning adopted across the Black Country is fit for purpose and ‘business friendly.’ For more information on planning, please visit the Council’s dedicated pages that will guide you through the planning process with access to a range of useful documents.