Environmental Technologies

Why Walsall?

The push for efficiency across all sectors in Walsall has created a strong market for environmental technology as businesses seek to minimise both costs and waste. The rapidly growing sector currently accounts for over £200 million of Walsall’s GVA and provides a significant opportunity for environmental technology companies that are looking to grow or relocate.


Walsall is seeing considerable regeneration and development projects that present opportunities for environmental technology businesses in the construction sector, with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation in building design, sustainable building materials and energy generation technologies in both new and retrofitted buildings.


Walsall’s thriving automotive sector is making advances in the field of alternative fuel technology with a focus on electric vehicles, presenting supply chain opportunities for environmental technology companies.


There is a plethora of training and development opportunities in the sustainability and environmental technology sector.  Walsall College developed the country’s first level 3 sustainability qualification, while universities across the West Midlands undertake market-leading research and work directly with industry to improve resource efficiency across the sectors.


Who’s already here?

  •  Veolia Environmental Services and European Metal Recycling, both have a significant presence, in Walsall. These two major companies are at the leading edge of developing new technologies and approaches to waste management and recycling. Their presence provides an opportunity to support further employment growth and develop a cluster of smaller and supply chain companies.
  • EMR is one of the world’s leading metal recyclers, specialising in total waste management of substantial ferrous and non-ferrous metals at its site in Darlaston.
  • Willenhall-based Cable and Alloys is a large scale facility for the recycling of metal and alloys, specialising in the stripping, separating and granulating of cables.



The proposed BH Energy Gap combined heat and power plant in Bloxwich due to start building 2017, will turn commercial and industrial waste into energy, reducing the cost of waste disposal for businesses across Walsall and creating opportunities for complementary waste management businesses.