Business and Professional Services

Why Walsall?

Situated just north of Birmingham Walsall is the ideal location for back office and contact centre functions. With its competitive financial, business and professional services sector, Walsall is within easy reach of the city centre for business meetings yet benefits from significantly lower operating costs.


The business and professional services is essential to Walsall’s economy, providing £850 million of economic output – which is almost a quarter of the borough’s total –and employing almost 15,000 people.


With town centre Grade A office space available around 40% less than equivalent in Birmingham and wages approx 15% less than Birmingham, Walsall offers a cost effective alternative to its neighbour for location non-critical operations.


Training providers in Walsall offer a wide range of apprenticeships, professional qualifications, and bespoke training packages for the sector, while universities across the West Midlands provide courses and graduates in linked fields including accountancy, architecture, law, marketing and business management.  Companies locating in Walsall can access a talented, experienced labour pool and also feel supported to train and develop their own staff.


Who’s already here?

  • Co-operative Energy opened its new contact centre in Walsall in early 2013, creating up to 100 new customer service positions.
  • Walsall is home to South Staffs Water headquarters and back office functions.
  • The RAC operations control centre at Bescot is home to their contact centre, technical centre of excellence and research laboratory.
  • Almost 1,000 people work at HomeServe’s headquarters in Walsall.


Significant growth in the manufacturing sector is leading to increased business growth activity in the borough. Walsall presents a wealth of opportunity for professional and business services looking to access new markets, particularly for those operating in the intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions and equity fund fields and those involved in recruitment activities.


With sites such as those being developed along the Waterfront and at Gigaport, Walsall has infrastructure to support growth in business and professional services.