Walsall enjoys a strong sense of place with an economy built on production and an increasing focus on high value manufacturing. Our economy was built on production, most notably through the leather trade and saddles for which the area retains world class excellence. Our young and diverse population makes for a vibrant talent pool, whilst the borough’s green spaces and leisure facilities make Walsall a great place to live.


 Ideal location at the heart of the UK’s motorway network and only 9 miles from Birmingham city centre


Strong supply chains and an established business ecosystem giving an excellent environment for businesses to grow and thrive


Access to a Black Country population of 1.1 million


 A wealth of prime development sites for office, industrial logistics and leisure uses


 A range of shopping facilities include major high street retailers and new supermarkets which have attracted national chain stores to the town.


Supportive Council and Local Enterprise Partnership with a track record of working with businesses and investors


 Walsall has 14 Enterprise Zone sites offering a unique package of support to make relocation, growth and innovation a reality for business.


Walsall is one of four metropolitan areas in the sub-region known as the ‘Black Country’. Together the area has a competitive national and international investment offer that is delivered through our strong partnership service Invest Black Country


Prominent business who have made Walsall home to the Headquarters, or their regional base include:


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